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All of the Lights {Mission 2; Event End}

It has been some time since anyone has contacted you, or since things seemed to be different from the endless, cold darkness. Just as you begin to think things will never return the same—lights spark, flickering erratically. For a moment you swear you could have seen the same people who normally walked about the area. Then there it was, another one of those TV dogs standing right before you.

C:\TVDOG>Please do not wander off, this will be the last time I can contact you for some time.

C:\TVDOG>The scientists have discovered what the problem is, but they do not know who is causing it still.

C:\TVDOG>When you return back, I will wipe your databases clear of what just occurred…

Some more flickering images surround you, people walking right through you. The sun settling once more into the sky, but then it all disappeared yet again.

C:\TVDOG>Heed my words, and listen well.

C:\TVDOG>This city and it’s inhabitants are created by me. 

C:\TVDOG>If you understand what a ‘Game’ is then think of it like that, everything is made up of simple holographs with real texture added in.

C:\TVDOG>In a sense, nothing you see before you is real.

C:\TVDOG>It is fake.

This time, the people you see seem to manage to physically bump into you, touch you, your senses of them begin to become aware unlike before. The TV Dog before you seems to be the one fading away now, and just when you think it was gone. You get swept back into that cold and eternal darkness.

C:\TVDOG>Your own existence is complicated.

A burst of radiation.

C:\TVDOG>You were all once but a figment of someone’s imagination, brought to the world to share.

You can hear voices of people all around you.

C:\TVDOG>Nothing less than a character in a book, un——————————-

People, people every where began walking the streets. As it had before, nothing different from how the city first started. The people continued to walk about, as if nothing happened, and you.

Well, you just realized you were on your way home.. didn’t you? Might as well continue on.

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3 years ago | 14 011001000110111101101111011011010110010101100100'