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All of the Lights {Mission 2; Event End}

It has been some time since anyone has contacted you, or since things seemed to be different from the endless, cold darkness. Just as you begin to think things will never return the same—lights spark, flickering erratically. For a moment you swear you could have seen the same people who normally walked about the area. Then there it was, another one of those TV dogs standing right before you.

C:\TVDOG>Please do not wander off, this will be the last time I can contact you for some time.

C:\TVDOG>The scientists have discovered what the problem is, but they do not know who is causing it still.

C:\TVDOG>When you return back, I will wipe your databases clear of what just occurred…

Some more flickering images surround you, people walking right through you. The sun settling once more into the sky, but then it all disappeared yet again.

C:\TVDOG>Heed my words, and listen well.

C:\TVDOG>This city and it’s inhabitants are created by me. 

C:\TVDOG>If you understand what a ‘Game’ is then think of it like that, everything is made up of simple holographs with real texture added in.

C:\TVDOG>In a sense, nothing you see before you is real.

C:\TVDOG>It is fake.

This time, the people you see seem to manage to physically bump into you, touch you, your senses of them begin to become aware unlike before. The TV Dog before you seems to be the one fading away now, and just when you think it was gone. You get swept back into that cold and eternal darkness.

C:\TVDOG>Your own existence is complicated.

A burst of radiation.

C:\TVDOG>You were all once but a figment of someone’s imagination, brought to the world to share.

You can hear voices of people all around you.

C:\TVDOG>Nothing less than a character in a book, un——————————-

People, people every where began walking the streets. As it had before, nothing different from how the city first started. The people continued to walk about, as if nothing happened, and you.

Well, you just realized you were on your way home.. didn’t you? Might as well continue on.

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Where the beefbowls are my powers ? [ CA Mission part 2 ]



Ah, even more ‘leet speak’ Akihiko had to stare at for a while to understand. Junpei would’ve probably been better for a mission such as this as he liked to hang out with his friends on the internet. After all, who had time for games when life was so short and he had to train harder and harder ? 

After squinting his eyes long enough, Akihiko placed one of his hands on top of the TV Dog, giving it a short pat. It really was something, wasn’t it ? It reminded him of Koromaru combined with Aigis, in a strange but comfortable way.

“I don’t understand the binary code. ” He turned around, facing Naoya. ” But I’m pretty sure we have to take him to a computer. From there on it’s your job though;  I can keep an eye out, if you want. “

Something was bound to happen but if anything dangerous occured, Naoya would’ve helped him, right? Truth to be told, Akihiko wasn’t so sure of that but it wasn’t like him to distrust a person completely. The incident with Ikutsuki could’ve been an isolated case and, yet again, all that everyone in this town wanted was to safely get home.

After carrying the TV Dog in front of the computer, Akihiko stood behind the silver haired man for a while, carefully analysing all of his moves. He then proceeded to guard the area, not leaving him alone for too long.

” Are you done yet ? “

[Wasn’t this another word for free information? Sure, he would have some trouble hacking, but nothing too complex. When he understood his task, he just followed the path with the other male. He was bringing the TVDog with him, so it gave time for Naoya to think about what he was going to do. He could look at information as much as he wanted, but… he only had a limited time to do this. In an apparently blackout, how many time would the computer resist?

Only time would tell, as he booted the machine and started working on it. A thought on how Atsuro would be excited to do something like that crossed his mind for a second, and he would laugh if he wouldn’t be so overly clingy in the next second, asking the man for tips and “What should I do now, Naoya-san!?”. Things like that.

It wasn’t bad, but not something that he liked to deal with everyday. He went through worse things, sure… but this was not the time to have reminiscences about his past lives.

A brief moment of silence.

Before the sounds of fingers violently typing at the keyboard began. He was concentrated on the task at hand, but still paying attention to his surroundings. This was more complicated than he originally thought, and for a second Naoya wondered how many security walls this thing had. It wasn’t really hard, just… bothersome.

Yes, this mission was extremely bothersome. But if he had the chance to take a peek at any information that would eventually appear, that was good enough for now.]

- “Not yet. Nothing good will come from trying to make me hurry up. So shush.”

[Or he would just walk away and let Akihiko finish the job. Which he wouldn’t, making the mission end in failure. Adjusting the glasses he put on before he started working on the computer, he tapped one of the ends of the keyboard lightly, thinking.

It was the last security wall, and far more complex from the other ones. Maybe it is why Naoya could see it was the last. He took a little longer in this one than the others, but eventually he cracked it down.]

 - “…There. It’s done.”

[And what now? Really, all he managed to get were random pieces of information that didn’t connect with each other. Maybe it would make sense later, but he would keep that to himself for now. But they only asked him to hack into the security system… what would possibly come next? Obviously, it wouldn’t end at just that.

All these things wouldn’t happen just for a simple thing like hacking.

Maybe he was curious, maybe not. He took off his glasses, since he wouldn’t have any use to them for now.]

- “I guess that now we wait.”

It seemed hours had passed before any contact was made, and then finally. Naoya had finished.

C:\COMPUTER>I would like to congratulate you, I am surprised you were even capable of the task at hand_

C:\COMPUTER>With all these walls gone, I can now communicate with you and others freely_

C:\COMPUTER>You have my thanks_

C:\COMPUTER>As for information, you now have access to databases_

C:\COMPUTER>Everything you want to know is here_

C:\COMPUTER>Feel free to look into whatever_

C:\COMPUTER>I suggest doing it when you are in your own apartment_

C:\COMPUTER>For now I need to shut off power in this area_

C:\COMPUTER>Good bye, and I wish you both good luck_

With that, everything shut off. Leaving them both in eternal darkness.

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it’s time to be a hero, take two! { CA Mission }



[ The prince was ready to inquire what exactly he would have to excuse him for before the smaller royal had decided to snuggle up to him in a warm hug. Jack was nuzzled up to him exactly the way one imagined a kitten would, sans purring. A slightly awkward chuckle escaped the blonde; nonetheless, he returned the embrace with a fond pat on the back. ]
Far be it from a prince to deny his Elys such a humble request.
[ It felt slightly out of place to be so affectionate amidst this crisis, but at the same time, made the frigid, darkened atmosphere a bit more secure. He was a charming prince after all, it was his job to assist maidens (er, and gentlemen)! ]
It is to my fortune to be in the company of such confidence.
[ He knew he was scared; they were both rather unnerved. ] Even whilst we are enveloped in such dim lighting, your radiance is ever present.
[ Prince Charming indeed. ]
Yes, continuing would most likely lead us to the solution of this mystery. Considering it would be problematic to walk forward in such a fashion. [ He commented absently, glancing off to the side, catching the nobleman`s wide green eyes. Jack looked curious at their surroundings, however, he also seemed to be a bit distressed.  ]

Is something the matter?
[ Tettere glanced in the same direction expecting an empy path solely littered with the minimal lighting  and It had trained it`s “eye” upon the two of them. The flickering billboards around them had silenced themselves, what had previously displayed strings of ones and zeroes were now pitch as their surroundings. It was unsettling, but what troubled him most were the lights lining the pathway also dimming down before completely darkening.
Clearly the odd being was attempting to “talk” to the prince. ]

C:\TVDOG>Aff1rm R3cogn1ti0n

A…affirm? Is that what you mean to communicate? You clearly make no sense.
[ Tilting his head, curiosity piqued at the odd contraption-animal hybrid, he tested it`s sentience by gently rapping it on the “head” once with the tip of his wooden sword. Not out of harm; if he had that intention, he would have attempted to thrust his weapon straight through the screen! No, he was not a violent prince. ]

Well this was a surprising turn of events! 

A…affirm? Is that what you mean to communicate? You clearly make no sense.

The Vessalius noble was…well, stunned from where he had been latched onto the prince, before he slowly pulled back from him and tilted his head at the strange being before them now. Everything else appeared darker than before even—the only source of any light coming from the static screen of the TV dog, which flickered once or twice when the royalty besides him rapped the ‘blade’ of his wooden sword on the supposed ‘head’ of the being.

Well that was one way of ‘affirming recognition’ as the words put it. Rather—it was hard to read the jumbled letters and numbers, but perhaps that was the best this canine with a television for a head could do? It widely seemed more of technological object than an animal—though you couldn’t quite disregard the body it had, either way.

Alas, Jack was definitely not paying attention, was he? With a slight sigh and a hands on his hips he gave a small nod towards the dog-television hybrid. Amazingly enough, he was hardly startled by it! It was actually almost comforting to have one of those beings speak back to them than just…eerily clutter up the streets.

“It looks like your recognition is affirmed.”


C:\TVDOG>+3t_r3 d0 n0+ t0uc_ th3 +v

C:\TVDOG>1t 533ms

C:\TVDOG>u b0+h 4r3 l05t



Then suddenly the screen began malfunctioning, and the dog itself began ramming thrashing about.

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Mod note

These events are coming to an end, I hope you all can finish up by tommorrow! If not we can give you an extension. For now, I will be heading to work and when I come back we will continue on.

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01101000011001010110110001110000 011101110110100001101111? [CA Mission pt2]




♚ Meru could tell that this situation was fun for the man. Meru didn’t like the cold so she didn’t enjoy it but if she learned that she was meeting some people that she could possibly use in her game she would be happy. She stared at the screen as it started to flicker and show words once again. Her eye brow lifts up. This thing just said that it couldn’t trust Izaya….This made the girl enjoy the situation a bit more. Oh so this guy must be an interesting person for that to appear.

“Can’t trust you huh? Well then Yes TV Dog.”

♚ She directs the question at Izaya but it wasn’t really a question it was more of a playful mocking tone. Not that she meant to mock him she didn’t even know him. In fact she didn’t even know anything about him other than this person was male and er…male. Oh well Meru didn’t mind this was turning out pretty much more fun than she thought it would be. She didn’t even mind that she answered yes to the task not even asking the other. 

This…this was Sector 2, right? A man told her to “go to the start where the heart is”, to go to the factory where the evil robots came from last time. He pointed her towards the direction, but it was too dark to see and too crowded to move. She hadn’t been to Sector 2 before! How was she supposed to know where she was going?! This wasn’t a very fun adventure, it really wasn’t!

Not only was it too dark, but weird things kept happening to the city, as if some horror movie came to life and took over the world. For a few hours it was incredibly hot (even hotter than a summer day in Okinawa…), then all of the sudden, the lights flickered and the little girl felt as if had been shoved into a freezer all of the sudden.

Maybe worse.

Because Rin actually did that once as a prank.

The area became eerily silent too…Once some of the street lights flickered, the huge crowd that once squeezed her in a tight corner immediately vanished. Spirited away. Replaced with…dogs with TVs as their heads? They weren’t very cute…The scientists need to invest in better messengers, really.

But right now wasn’t the time to worry about that! If this was a trial, she had to find some people first before wandering in circles—

“Orihara Izaya…need help…with what exactly…?
“…Can’t trust you, huh…?”

Voices…! And one of them sounded very familiar! It was the man who saved her when she flew from the building, wasn’t it? And there was someone else with him too! This was the perfect opportunity!



Izaya’s eyes narrowed a fraction at the screen of the tvdog, then he gave a glance to the girl beside him. Whos name was apparently Meru. He feigned a hurt look, hand holding his chest as he pouted some at the dog.

“now now thats rather rude to say! Especially when asking for a favor right after. I’ll have you know I am actually very trust worthy, dog. I dont tell lies~” He only twisted truth when the occasion called for it. Never the less it was amusing that this dog felt the need at all to say such a thing. 

So it needed help with something? Something that would save everyone? From what, the broker wondered with and idle tap to his chin. This little Meru near him appeared more than eager to comply with the dogs request. Well wasn’t that foolish? What if it asked to to jump off of a bridge? She’s have already said yes to that. Though people that just jumped into shady situations always amused him.

“what is-” he was cut off when a familiar sing song voice called out his name. “hm?” Turning, he looked to see the one and only Chibi Miku he had ‘saved’ earlier. For a robot, she was awfully cute. Seeing her the informant smiled and waved her over.

“oh hooo~ Chiku-chan~ I see you’ve found your way! I was just about to agree to jump into a situation I know absolutely nothing about, along with this stranger I dont know, whos name is apparently Meru-chan. Would you like to join us?” He gave a soft laugh, before turning attention back to the dog. “now then~ what exactly is it that you need us to do, in order to ‘save all’ hmm?”


C:\TVDOG>y0u n33d 2 g0 t00 s3ctor 6

A pause and Miku had arrived.


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Where the beefbowls are my powers ? [ CA Mission part 2 ]



Even more numbers. Binary code was a different language for Akihiko and that could be seen by anyone. Luckily for him, he had a top hacker right besides him. The bad side was that he had no intention of helping anyone but himself. Best partner or worst partner ? Time had to decide that.

” Are those last words…. “

Were they a warning ? They could’ve been but, at the same time, it  could’ve been something completely different. He decided to shrug it off and wait for his partner to say something.

” What now ? “

- “…”

[A brief moment of silence, in which Naoya had to think carefully about what he should do now. Two things were clear: one- if he wanted his powers back, he would have to fight for it. And two - it wouldn’t be easy. But when things were? After a thousand years, the man managed to find everyday tasks, even things that were considered extremely difficult were solved with ease by this man.

Well then. He did not have another option, did he? If he wanted to get back, he would have to move a little too. But not so much, he wouldn’t feel or do something really uncomfortable for the sake of something so small as… the lives of other people there.] 

- “Fine.”

[This was his only response, as if accepting the request. Well, he did… in a way. A small smirk painted on his lips as he viewed those words on the screen… something similar to amusement in his face (though not quite clear if it was really amusement or something similar) as his eyes went from Akihiko to the creature again. It was so confident that Naoya would not be able to hack into it, that the mission that he would give was impossible… well, he would see about that. For now, he would just wait for instructions. Even he couldn’t start a job without the person concerned about it giving off some leads and how they wanted it.]  


C:\TVDOG>h3lp N4oy4 m0v3 t_15 TVDOG

C:\TVDOG>2 a c0m_put34












Lights flickered off, for a moment everything went dark. Then finally things began to turn on again, leading them to where a computer would sit.

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*mission || part two.



Hidan wasn’t particularly worried about his own relations because he was sure the witch could handle herself. She was capable of fighting even without her basic spells, she couldn’t be that vulnerable could she? Remembering the few people he had gradually befriended around here, he realized they managed to make him appreciate friends in spite of everything that has happened so far.

He almost groaned at the guilty twinge in his chest, as much as he hated to think about it, this place was changing him.

What if the few he actually cared about were in danger? This whole situation left him with mixed feelings either way, and so he heaved a sigh. Son of a whore. Frowning sheepishly for a few seconds, the man decided to cave. He wanted to believe there was nothing to lose, but if everyone else was just as powerless as the two of them right now, maybe it was worth the try. Alright, he would help. If only to prove himself Medusa and the others would not need any cliche heroic saving after all.

And if it was a waste of time, at least he would be able to sacrifice a few scientists. Two birds one stone. He has been itching to gut those worthless bastards for some time, anyhow.

“Wait, I’ll go.”

He turned to Haine now, donning a half smirk. “I’ve wanted to get the chance at gutting a few of those heathens. Plus, I’d be damned if I let you kill all of them yourself, seriously.”

“hm.” A thin brow arched as the television canine addressed him personally. ‘if you care for them then you might as well care for the shoes you walk in’. What the hell was that, some kind of philosophical shit? He snorted at the comment. What business was it of this thing to comment on? How annoying. With a grunt the albino waited through the pause of silence until the screen showed new sentences upon it.

Instructions now, and it was back to the odd lettering with numbers and such.

After reading over it he glanced at Hidan as he spoke. Straightening up he grinned a bit, “alright, fine… seems like it would be more fun with company anyway.”

Back to the dog thing. “thats all we have to do then? open some door and kill everyone inside, and then walk back out?” Plus they got their powers and weapons back for the moment. Well Haine already had his weapons, but it would be nice to stop bleeding. He would get to see what Hidans precious weapon looked like too, something like a scythe? If he recalled right.

Who’d be stupid enough to say no to that? The opportunity to go in and off a few dip shit scientists? Ah, but that brought a question to mind. If this tvdog thing wanted some scientists killed then it couldnt really be on their side could it?

“obviously we’re up for killing those bastards… but since your askin us to do that, then thats gotta mean that they really are responsible for the shit thats happening around right now hn?” He knew they had to be behind it, but it felt good to get confirmation of it.


C:\TVDOG>wh4+ 1s g01ng 0n n0vv 15 fr0^^ 0110001101100011

C:\TVDOG>g0 d0 4s 1 541d

C:\TVDOG>b3f0r3 1 l34v3 1 vv1ll h34l y0u h41n3

And this was said, a few moments later whatever wounds had been produced earlier. Disappeared, in one quick instant.

C:\TVDOG>1 vv1ll 5p34k 2 u 4g41n vvh3n 3v3ry0n3 1s


Everything shut off. Lights taking a moment before they flickered on, leading them to a door not that far away.

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seasonedveteran: "Hey there. Just curious, but what happens after the code is entered into a computer? o:"

the computer just accepts and then it goes quiet after that~ when the even ends youll see what happens))

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Where the beefbowls are my powers ? [ CA Mission part 2 ]




A long pause.



” Is this thing dead ? ” He asked, getting closer to the TV Dog, while no other numbers appeared on its screen. Suddenly, it lit up again and numbers flowed down at a high speed. They had to mean something, didn’t they ?

” Does it want me to affirm my recognition too ? “

” I uh… I guess I affirm my recognition. Tell us, what do you want ? “

- “…I see.”

[While Akihiko was still busy trying to figure out things that were just simply out of his reach, Naoya was busy planning on how he would do this. Of course, that thing would give him more details, as of where, how and what he wanted Naoya to do. Akihiko? Would serve as a meat shield, for now. Naoya would need protection for some time if his skills were needed somewhere.]

- “Surely, you don’t expect me to help without offering something in return. If you do, just inform me the details and I will get the job done in no time.”

[Maybe, just maybe, he would do that. Why would Naoya waste his time on a task like this when he was busy with his plans of getting out? Though receiving better equipment or his powers back would help in that task greatly.]

- “As I said, I want details.”









C:\TVDOG>b3 c4u+1ou5

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